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Based in Spokane, Washington, DCJ Assessments is your local geriatric care consultancy.  Providing Washington administrative code compliance consultation for boarding homes and adult family homes.

DCJ Assessments Services and Fee

Resident Assessment with Preliminary Care Plan:  $200 

Reassessment (Using Another Assessor’s Document):  $150

Reassessment (Using DCJ Document):  $75 

Negotiated Care Plan from RA:  $75 

Negotiated Care Plan from RA (Using Another Assessor’s Document):  $100 

Assessments and Negotiated Care Plans Include:

     Recent medical history; current prescribed medications, and contraindicated medications, including but not limited to, medications known to cause adverse reactions or allergies; medical diagnosis reported a licensed medical professional; the ability of the resident to be independent in managing medications; the amount of medication assistance needed; if medication administration is required; or a combination of assistance and administration; food allergies or sensitivities; significant known behaviors or symptoms that may cause concern or require special care, including: the need for and use of medical devices; the refusal of care or treatment; and any mood or behavior symptoms that the resident has had within the last five years; cognitive status, including an evaluation of disorientation, memory impairment, and impaired judgment; history of depression and anxiety; history of mental illness, if applicable; social, physical, and emotional strengths and needs; functional abilities in relationship to activities of daily living including: eating; toileting; walking; transferring; positioning; personal hygiene; dressing; and bathing; preferences and choices about daily life that are important to the resident, including but not limited to: the food that the resident enjoys; meal times; and sleeping and nap times and activities.

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